Nicole Fleckenstein

Growing up in Oregon, California, Ohio, and now living in Arizona, Nicole has seen a lot of beautiful country. It makes sense that she would want to capture the scenes with her camera. Her father gave her a camera when she was quite young, passing on the family tradition of photography, given to him from his father back in Minnesota with his company, Unique Photo Studio. Now with a "have camera, will travel" attitude, Nicole is always compelled to make memories and moments last through pictures.

Specializing in nature and travel photography, she is eager to learn more and see more, and has participated in several photography workshops and other photographic educational pursuits. After a decade in the classroom as a high school teacher, and then fulfilling her role as a life-long teacher to her two kids at home, Nicole, with the help and support of her husband, is always ready for the next photographic adventure. She is happy to share her latest with you!